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Rental Properties

Elevate the guest experience in your short-term rental properties, such as Airbnb and VRBO, by seamlessly integrating URC home automation. With URC, you can offer a novel approach to hospitality.


Imagine providing your renters with a unique mobile code, much like door codes, granting them access to an app that controls designated devices within the property. Whether it's adjusting lighting, setting the thermostat, or managing entertainment systems, URC empowers your guests to tailor their stay to their preferences.


This innovative solution not only adds a touch of luxury to their experience but also simplifies property management for you, ensuring each guest enjoys a personalized and convenient stay. Upgrade your rental properties with URC for a modern and tailored approach to hospitality.

Couple in a modern living room using URC controls to seamlessly manage their home entertainment and automation systems.


Create the ultimate family living and entertainment experience for your guest with URC's Total Control. Build a dedicated home theater with top-of-the-line speakers and premium electronics - or outfit your rental's family room with the latest tech gear. Install a whole-house entertainment system to share AV content from room to room. Enjoy personalized Favorite Channels and Shortcuts menus - plus custom onscreen graphics.

Whole-Home Control

Superior smart home solutions that control light, entertainment, comfort, and security.

Couple in a stylish bedroom interacting with a URC control panel mounted on the wall to manage lighting, climate, and entertainment.
URC handheld controller placed beside a guitar, showcasing the integration of smart home control in a music-themed environment.

Elegant Control

URC's Total Control combines industry-leading control, bold design and single touch or voice activation.

Elevate Your Space

URC's Total Control delivers smart, intuitive solutions for simple to unique living spaces. Indoor and outdoor control across audio, video, comfort, security, and lighting.

Couple holding a handheld URC controller, demonstrating seamless control of their smart home in the living room.
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